Infra Red Lighting

Intelec Traditional Infra-Red Lamp

A CE marked and British made traditional infra-red heat lamp, Suitable for chicks, piglets, pets or anything that requires a heat source to keep warm.

£34.43 inc VAT£28.69 excl VAT

Intelec 250 watt, Ruby Red Glass Infra-Red Bulb

Developed and selected for precision and reliability, Intelec products are designed to give years

£5.99 inc VAT£4.99 excl VAT

Intelec 250 watt, Clear Glass Infra-Red Bulb

Clear, PAR38 Glass Infra-red Bulb. 30% more efficient than traditional Infra-Red.

£5.99 inc VAT£4.99 excl VAT


Intelec Infra-Red Lamp LEC250EN

£19.99 inc VAT£16.66 excl VAT

Std Infra Red Lamp Unit

Std Infra Ray Lamp Unit, ES Fitt cw guard

£21.99 inc VAT£18.32 excl VAT
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