How the Countrystore Team began

Our Story

The seeds of Countrystore soon flourished after the unfortunate demise of Countrywide Farmers. As a supplier to Countrywide and taking a financial hit from the closure it became fairly apparent that country folk would suffer greatly in firstly needing the right advice but most importantly where to purchase the everyday products they so dearly need at the right price.

After a LOT of discussions and debates the Countrystore(Whitestone) Ltd Team was derived. The ultimate business mission is to provide a range of premium and good value products to the rural community along with outstanding and knowledgeable customer service and of course the core of our business ‘a reliable delivery service’. The fore front our business is the delivery service we offer, we know how busy lives can get which is why the service we provide will fit in around your daily tasks and demands.

With the gap in the market Countrywide left, we pin pointed Whitestone in Herefordshire as the right location to drive this business forward.

Many of the team being past Countrywide employees we really understand what’s needed, the product lines have been carefully selected for the Equine, Pet and Small Holder world. We have sourced the best feed lines and bedding to suit all spheres and levels. We don’t just offer feeds we also have a wide selection of workwear, wellies and Country Clothing to suit everyone.

However we very much value our customers-you are our business so we will always listen to your needs.

Meet the Team

Sean O'Toole

General Manager

Michael Hall

Deputy Retail Manager & Agri Specialist

Athena Karsera

Sales Assistant

Raymond Churchill

Field Sales Manager



Ged Lampard

Equine Specialist


Shirley Roberts

Customer Service







James Wareham

Delivery Driver