Littlemax Shavings

LITTLEMAX Fine Shavings were introduced in response to a demand for shavings that had all the dust free, hygienic, natural pine benefits of BEDMAX

£8.99 inc VAT£7.49 excl VAT


New flake are large dust extracted shavings ideal for horses. Approx 20kg.

£7.60 inc VAT£6.33 excl VAT


Woodpecker bales are made entirely from 100% softwood kiln dried woodshavings. This gives a naturally warm, soft and comfortable bed with a clean, fresh odour.

£8.28 inc VAT£6.90 excl VAT

6' x 4' Rubber Stable Matting

Made from a high quality, high strength, eco-friendly rubber this Stable and Stall Matting from P

£35.00 inc VAT£29.17 excl VAT

ComfyBed Plus

20kg bales

Great value & high quality

£6.60 inc VAT£5.50 excl VAT

Bliss Bedding Eucalyptus 20kg

BLISS EUCALUPTUS BEDDING, your horse won't be the only one getting a better night's sleep!

£8.27 inc VAT£6.89 excl VAT

Bliss Bedding Basic 20kg

Bliss Bedding is a finely chopped and dust extracted rape straw with added eucalyptus oil as a mi

£8.03 inc VAT£6.69 excl VAT

Bedmax Shavings

Bedmax Wood Shavings - Horse Bedding Specialist Horse Bedding Dust Free Large Cut Wood Shavings Highly Absorbent Helps Protect Horse's Joints Easy to Muck Out 100%

£8.47 inc VAT£7.06 excl VAT


Smart Horse wood pellets - available in 15kg bags - are the Smart alternative to straw and wood s

£5.39 inc VAT£4.49 excl VAT


easibed is a dust free horse bedding which reduces the size of your muck and saves you time and money.

£7.14 inc VAT£5.95 excl VAT
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